Improve Your Reading Speed

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The combination of the presence of mind and speed are critical for a striker to score goals in Football; a combination of speedy reading and comprehension is the perfect mixture for a super score in Reading. But how to create this magic potion?

We’ve deconstructed the process in a five-step easy-to-follow.

Become a True Reader

With the explosion of smartphones in the universe, information has reached where even God hasn’t. We all are always reading from the moment we wake till we shut the lights at night. But, there’s a distinction between a reader and a real reader. An actual reader reads for deeper insight, not just the flashy straplines or one-liners. His mind ‘introspects,’ asks ‘questions’ & ‘evaluates’ the sentences and paragraphs as he reads on. Questions can be ‘Is the writer challenging the status quo of the society?’ — ‘Is the author trying to say that the zeitgeist of the ‘60s is making a renaissance?’ — ‘If I understand this statement right, then I reckon Japanese culture is poles apart from India’s.’ It’s not important what the question is. What’s important is that there’s a question. It shows that the reader is now involved with the writer’s thoughts. This engagement ensures dynamic comprehension and also stops the mind from drifting off to Neverland.

Read with Ambition

While reading, it’s important to be clear about your objectives. In SAT, you’re reading to ensure you get the answers to the following questions right. That’s why it’s sound to take a quick peek at the questions and answer options before reading the passage. It gives you a sense of purpose while reading and results in sharp and goal-oriented reading as now you know what you are looking for.

For instance, the question may relate to the words in context or command of evidence. Anyone reading with a target will get to the desired destination efficiently. In comparison, a student who is reading the passage without a sense of purpose will end up spending longer and understanding lesser.

Underline with Pencil as You Read

Ir is perhaps the most practical advice ever. It’s simple, and it always works. Keep your pencil handy while you read. Run it along the lines as you read and underline everything that you consider important in the context of the questions. As you’ve highlighted (underline) the important parts, it helps you save time when you have to take another quick look back at the passage while answering the questions.

Concentrate on What is Important

As the first sentence is likely to contain the main idea — do not hasten your reading here. Then each of the following paragraphs will carry an important idea — make sure you get that.

Strategically, one should start reading slower and gradually build pace. It is possible that one’s understanding may take a slight hit as you increase your reading speed, it’s alright. As long as you understand the main ideas, you’ll have no trouble answering the questions. Towards the end of the passage, go easy on the speed and focus on total comprehension once more.

This strategy will ensure you spent the least amount of time and gained the maximum amount of understanding.

Read in the Proper Environment

The comprehension of a person reading a book while standing precariously in an overcrowding City train will be no match for someone reading at his desk with his book sitting neatly at a 45 degrees angle in front of him. In short, environment matters.

Always sit on a desk whenever possible and do not read in bed. A person is too relaxed in bed.

Top Tip: A lot of individuals are known to have increased their reading speed and comprehension by inculcating a habit of reading early in the morning.

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